We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces Salute

We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces SaluteWe Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces Salute

I love Disneyland. I have been over 100 times. I had a pass from the time I was ten until I was eighteen year’s old. Disneyland is one of my favorite places.

I was able to go with my best friend back in February. It was a random, last minute visit and I am so glad we did it. I thought that would be my only 2017 Disneyland experience, but I was wrong.

I was planning a trip out to California with my boys when my husband mentioned that I should take them to Disneyland. My six-year-old hadn’t ever been, and it was time. I realized we could use the Disney Armed Forces Salute to buy a three-day pass.

We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces Salute

I started doing my research and found out all about the discount. And man, the discount was a good one. We could get a three-day park hopper pass for just $156. I paid over $100 for my one day pass back in February. I also found out I could buy a ticket for my mom. My brother was going to come to, but he had an annual pass.

On July 11th, we headed to my favorite place to start our Disneyland adventure. Being the nervous person I am, I was a bit anxious about buying the tickets. I was told that at Disneyland, you should just buy them at the park (this is different from Disney World.) I had my ID, and when I got to the window, that is what I did.

We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces Salute

I paid $780 total for five of the three-day tickets. I could have gotten six if I needed to. I did not need my husband (the service member) with me. We are also a National Guard family and still qualify for this discount.

Once we got the tickets, we headed into the park. At the gate, they needed to see my military ID one more time, and then they took photos of all of us. After that, no one needed to be with me to use their ticket. My mom only spent two days with us and will use her other day another time with my brother.

We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces Salute

Day one, we went to Disneyland. We spent the whole day there. We figured out Fast Passes, which had just switched to a new type of system. We rode a bunch of rides like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, the Matterhorn, and Pirates of the Carribean.  And although my son with Asperger’s got pretty worn out by the end (he had a melt down on Main Street,)  overall the day was good.

Day two, we started off at California Adventure. I ended up running into an online friend that day. I knew we were both going to be at Disneyland and just by chance we ran into one another. We met online back in 2001 and had never met in person, so that was fun.

We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces Salute

We did the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which was pretty amazing but came close to making me sick. We had an ice cream break at Ghiradelli’s, yum. Cars Land was amazing, and we got to see the Pixar parade.

After dinner, we went back over to Disneyland for the Main Street Electrical Parade. I love that parade and so glad they brought it back and that I got to watch it twice this year. Pete’s Dragon is my favorite float.

We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces Salute

Day three, we started off at Disneyland again riding a lot of the rides we did the first day. In the afternoon we went back over to California Adventure for more Ghiradelli’s and some rides. Then we ended our day.

This trip to Disneyland was different from any other trip I had taken there. For one thing, we had a lot more time. Usually, we just go for one day. For another, my six-year-old wasn’t a huge fan of the rides like his brothers were.

We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces SaluteLuckily we had Grandma and my brother there to be with him some of the day. It was busy, being July, and hot. Usually, we do not go in the summertime.

I am not sure when we will go again. It depends on when we will be in Southern California again, if there is an Armed Forces Salute, and what we can afford to do.

We Went to Disneyland Using the Armed Forces Salute

We are all excited about Galaxy’s Edge: Star Wars Land that will open in 2019, so thinking 2020 could be an excellent year for another big trip. But we will see. I was thrilled to be able to share my love with my boys this summer 🙂

Have you used the Disneyland or Disney World Armed Services Salute discount?

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