Creating A Deployment Haven In My Bedroom

Creating A Deployment Haven In My Bedroom

I received a free NECTAR mattress in exchange for this honest review. There are also affiliate links in this blog post.

Creating A Deployment Haven In My Bedroom

One thing that has helped me during deployments or time apart from my husband is having a place to go when I was feeling down or sad about my situation. Having a comfy place to read, watch tv, or write in my journal is my place to get out of my funk and work through the difficult deployment day.

What do you need to make a deployment haven?

To create your own deployment haven, you need a place for you to go, to reflect, to dream, to cry, to relax. A place where you can go when the deployment day gets to you. For some, this retreat might have to come after the kids go to bed. For others, this might come in the mornings after everyone goes off to school.

Finding a relaxing place for you to go during a deployment will help keep you focused. The best part about creating this type of space is that you can make the space unique to you and your needs. For me, my deployment haven is my bedroom.

For the longest time, my bedroom was the catch-all room of the house. If I didn’t know where to put something, I put it in there. Slowly I have been working to end that and to make our master bedroom a haven for me when my husband is gone and for both of us when my husband is home.

The biggest part of any bedroom is the bed, and we had been sleeping on a 12-year-old mattress.

I got the chance to review a NECTAR mattress, and I knew it was the perfect time to upgrade. 

With a new bed and mattress, I could make my deployment haven even better. With a comfortable memory foam mattress, I could snuggle into bed with a book, be comfortable, and enjoy my alone time.

The mattress arrived in a tube just like this…



We then were able to get the mattress out and ready to be slept on. It took a few minutes to get the outer bag off and then we moved the mattress to our bed frame. We opened up the packaging, and slowly the mattress started to grow to its full size.

You can see our video here…

Putting this together was super easy. We got things started around 5:00 pm and by the time we went to bed that night the mattress was ready to sleep on. There was a slight odor from the mattress, but that went away in a few days.

We have slept on the mattress for over a week now, and I LOVE it. This mattress isn’t just nice, but it’s amazing. We received the King mattress and upgrading from a Queen has been wonderful, but beyond that, the mattress itself is super comfortable.


Not only does the mattress feel good to sleep in as it conforms to your body but the mattress is also perfect for laying on to watch tv or get lost in a book. I like to read before I go to sleep each night and I love how I can settle into the bed and get super comfortable while I am reading. This mattress is perfect for my deployment haven.

The mattress also comes with two pillows, and they are pretty amazing too. They also took a little time to get to their full shape.


I love how the mattress looks, and when you first open the package, you won’t be able to help yourself from putting your hand on the bed and watching the memory foam at work. This type of mattress is very different from one with a spring, and that is a good thing.

Does this mattress sound good to you? Here is a little bit more about the Nectar mattress:

Forever Warranty: NECTAR has a forever warranty which is how long they will guarantee the construction, materials, quality, and durability of NECTAR.

Shipping: Shipping is free within the contiguous US. There are additional shipping costs to Alaska, Hawaii and US territories excluding PR.

How does the mattress work: The NECTAR mattress has 4 special grade performance layers and a uniquely milled cooling cover. NECTAR is certified pure and better for you and the environment. The mattress is considered medium firm, support of a firm mattress and comfort of a pillow top.

365 Night Sleep Trial: You get a full year to enjoy NECTAR and figure out if the mattress is right for you.

How to buy: Head on over to the NECTAR website, find the right size and right mattress and place your order.

So whether you are working on your own deployment haven or you want something for your new house after a PCS, check out the NECTAR mattress, you will be glad that you did.

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