The Big List of Facebook Groups For Military Spouses You Should Absolutely Join

The Big List of Facebook Groups For Military Spouses You Should Absolutely Join

Did you know there are quite a few Facebook groups for military spouses that are free for you to join and gain support from? As a military spouse, finding good support is so important. Whether you want a place to vent about a difficult deployment day, get advice on how best to stretch your paycheck, or to find people to help you achieve your goals.

The Big List of Facebook Groups For Military Spouses You Should Absolutely Join

Facebook has been the place to go to find this type of support. On Facebook, you can find your friends, make new friends, connect with others, and join Facebook groups based on a wide range of topics.

Finding a good Facebook group will give you a place to connect with others you have something in common with. You can get to know people in the group and help encourage one another. As military spouses, you know how important this can be.

Here is a big list of Facebook Groups For Military Spouses:

The Jo, My Gosh! Community– This is a drama free group for fans of the blog, Jo, My Gosh, where you can find military spouse support.

The Inspired Women Community-This is a positive community, founded by Megan Hall, host of The Inspired Women Podcast.

Mil-Blogging Buddies– Run by Kristen Smith, this is a group for bloggers in the military community, to gain support and share ideas. If you are a military spouse blogger, you should be in this Facebook group for tips and support.

Blog Your Genius Community– This community is also run by Kristen Smith and can offer you extra advice about your blog and what you could be doing to grow it.

MilSpouse Village– A brand new community for Military spouses and significant others, trying to make military life work together.

MilitaryBridge– This group is connected with MilitaryBridge that helps connect the military community to the best local, national and online Military Discounts, Military-Friendly Businesses, Reviews, and Resources.

Military Spouse Living-This group is through the site, Military Spouse Living, to ask questions, share deals, and more.

NGMS Happy Hour– This is a group connected to the NextGen MilSpouse Happy Hour Podcast, apart of the NextGen website.

The Big List of Facebook Groups For Military Spouses You Should Absolutely Join

Military Family Support Group– This group is run by Stars and Stripes Doulas, helping military families through pregnancy and beyond.

InDependent– InDependent has a mission to help connect military spouses to local health and wellness resources. They have some local Facebook groups in different areas for you to join.

Army Wife 101– Army Wife 101 has a Facebook group too, as well as a local group for those at Fort Bragg.

The Work from Anywhere Business™ Club– Run by Kayla Roof, this facebook group is perfect for military spouses who want to a run a business from anywhere.

MilSpouse Creative ™– This Facebook group is for MilSpouse Creative Entrepreneurs, hosted by Moni Jefferson.

The Financially Ready Military Spouse– This is another new Facebook group for military spouses connected to the site, Her Money Moves.

PCSing with Property Mommies– This Facebook group is all about PCSing. They also have a Military Relator Referral group.

The Big List of Facebook Groups For Military Spouses You Should Absolutely Join

Life Support & Encouragement– This group is run by the blog, Singing Through the Rain and offers you extra support for life’s challenges.

Military Moves Us – PCS to DC– If you are moving to the DC area, this group is going to be perfect for you.

Freedom’s Ring USA FRiends-This group is connected to Freedom’s Ring USA in hopes of connecting people around the world to help with their shared mission.

Military Housing Network– The Military Housing Network has a few local groups to choose from to help make friends and find connections.

The Military Dollar Community– This group is connected to Military Dollar to talk about personal finance.

The Seasoned Spouse– The Seasoned Spouse has a free Facebook group all about preparing for a deployment, you will just need to sign up on her site.

SpaceATheWorld– If you are interested in using Space-A, here is a Facebook group all about that. Get tips and help others plan their own trips.

The Big List of Facebook Groups For Military Spouses You Should Absolutely Join

Mighty Parenting– This is another brand new group based on the new Mighty Parenting podcast. Real talk about raising teens and parenting young adults.

Military Town Advisor-This is a group for the website, Military Town Advisor, and for military families looking for off-post advice.

MilKids Ed K-12 Parent Support Group– If you have school-aged kids, you will want to join this group. This group is connected to the MilKids Ed website.

She Is Fierce Community– This group is connected to the She Is Fierce blog, and offers community support.

Military Families Saving Money– This group about saving money is connected to the Foxtrot & Pennies blog and is for military spouses to help save money and use the resources they have access to in order to do so.

Military Wife and Mom – Community Hangout– This group is connected to the Military Wife and Mom and offers support for military spouses.

Career Military Spouses-This group is a safe place for military spouses to gain career advice, ask questions or share about what they have learned through their own career journey.

Military Spouse Networking– This group is for active duty, veteran, widowed, divorced, reserve, and National Guard spouses and partners to network and share about jobs and what they are doing in the community.

From Boots to Wingtips– This group is to help you navigate from the military back to the civilian world.

Marketing/Social Media Tips for Military-Focused Businesses & Entrepreneurs- Jenny Hale’s group is for military spouse and veteran entrepreneurs with military-themed businesses where they chat all things marketing and social media.

Military Travelers in Japan– This group is for members of the U.S. military community (active duty, retirees, and spouses) who are interested in traveling to Japan. From the Poppin’ Smoke blog.

In addition to these amazing group, you should make sure to join my own Soldier’s Wife, Crazy Life Community group. In there you can talk about your military life, encourage others, ask questions, and enjoy my blog posts. I also have a few spin-off groups that might interest you too. Surviving Deployment with Soldier’s Wife, Crazy LifeSWCL Share Your BusinessSoldier’s Wife, Crazy Life Military Spouse Memes, and SWCL Community Bloggers & Writers.

Do you have a Facebook group for military spouses? Are you in one you absolutely adore? Let me know what it is and if it is a good fit I can add it to the list:) 

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