Preparing For Your Fall or Winter Baby

Preparing For Your Fall or Winter Baby

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Preparing For Your Fall or Winter Baby

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that I was pregnant with my first little boy, waiting for the long summer to end. The last trimester of pregnancy isn’t fun, but if you are due during the fall and the winter, you really can’t wait for days to get cooler, and summer to be over.

14 years ago, I was due with my first baby on October 13th. I knew when he was born we would be right in the middle of fall, with winter coming soon. We were in California at the time, so winter meant colder weather, but I knew I wouldn’t have to deal with snow.

I was due December 18th with my second little boy. This time, snow was a concern, I was in Germany.

With my third, I was due December 1st, in Tennessee, where snow and freezing temperatures are also possible.

If you are having a baby in the fall or winter, you simply have to prepare a little differently than if you are going to have a baby in the spring or the summer. You have to think about the cooler weather, what a snowfall would mean, and even the start of school for your older children.

Preparing For Your Fall or Winter Baby

There is always a lot going on during that time of year and it is best to prepare. Here are 5 things you can do to prepare for a fall or winter baby:

Buy the right clothing

Make sure you have the right clothing for your baby. You do not want them to freeze, but you also don’t want them to overheat. The fall can be tricky. Some days can be warmer than others, and then one day, temperatures will fall and what felt comfortable won’t anymore.

Layers are a good idea. That way, you can add or take off depending on the weather and where you are. Sleepers with a sleepsack can be a good option. That way baby can stay warm without overheating.

Warming your home

Think about how you will warm your home. You don’t want your baby to get too cold or overheat. You might need to change the temperature you are comfortable with once baby comes home. Keeping your home between 68-72 degrees is a good idea.

Get your breast pump ahead of time

You will want to make sure you receive your TRICARE benefit breast pump before the baby comes. While you can get the breast pump later, having the pump ready before your baby comes will help you learn how to use the pump, and figure out how you will set it up in your home. Through The Breastfeeding Shop, you can order your breast pump through their website or their app. They have quite a few types of breast pumps to choose from and offer excellent customer service.

Preparing For Your Fall or Winter Baby

Plan for the holidays 

Make plans for the holidays ahead of time. Ideally, staying in your own home would be best, especially if your baby is due right around the holidays. Traveling with a newborn can be pretty stressful, and traveling around the holidays is a very hectic time to do so. Tell family and friends that you want to plan for a visit sometime in the new year or invite them to come to visit you.

Back to school

Back to school time can be stressful for any child. Adding a new baby to the mix can be difficult. Make sure that your other children know what is going on with the new baby and are still able to spend some time with you. Let them talk about their school days and any fears they could be having with the new school year.

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