Painting the House

Picking out Paint at Home Depot

One thing about our new house is that all the walls were a weird gold/orange color.  We knew we wanted to paint every room.  We started on a Thursday.  Went early to buy all the paint and got going right away.  We finished on Sunday afternoon.  We still actually have to paint the stairs/hallway and our bathroom but we 1) Ran out of paint 2) Are not sure what we want in the bathroom 3) Needed a break from painting.

Behr Paint from Home Depot

We started with the upstairs rooms.  Our two older boys share a room and we went with a pretty blue in there.   The baby’s room was going to be green but I changed my mind and decided to go with a bright blue.  I would like to have the room be blue, lime green and orange and slowly working on that.  For the office, we went to Scotland Yard which is a light green.  I love it.  So calming and soothing.  For the bathroom, we went with Cool Dusk, a darker blue.  I found a cute Monkey shower curtain so we are going with that theme so far.

Painting Our HouseAfter we finished the upstairs we started on the downstairs.  For the Master bedroom, we went with a dark green.  Not sure I was going to like it but after 10 days here I am loving it.  Still need to find some new bedding and another decor to match it.  For the living room and hallways, we went with a  pretty shade of green.  I just adore it!  I am so happy with this color.  The kitchen is yellow which I have always wanted.  It was the hardest color to paint but worth it.

I knew it was going to be a lot of work but so glad we did decide to paint what we did.  We are so much happier with the colors that we got to chose.  Not only does it look better in our opinion but it is nice to know WE got to pick all the colors.  The house is personalized for us, not some other family.

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  2. I want to basically start doing my own thing in house painting, what do I need to get going? For example, do I need equipment, like rollers and brushes? I want to start hiring people to do the jobs I get contracted for. Do you know how this is done?

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