Perks of Being a Military Child

Perks of Being a Military Child

It was 10 years ago this fall that my 30 year old husband re-enlisted for the Army. I didn’t know him when he was in before so this was my first experience with being an Army wife. I really didn’t know what to expect. Even though I grew up with two Marine bases pretty close, I didn’t know too much about Military life other than knowing that living on base was noisy and that they wore a uniform.

I didn’t know what life would be like for my son or any other future children we would have. I knew I would be doing a lot of the parenting by myself but I didn’t know what amazing things would come from it.¬†That we would literally be able to see the world, experience other cultures and meet people from different parts of the country. I didn’t know that there were things that they would get to know that they never would have gotten the chance to do otherwise.

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During the last 10 years we have had our share of stressful and frustrating moments but my kids have experienced some amazing things. They have had experiences I never had a child and I hope they can remember a lot of them as they grow older.

During the last 10 years my kids have…

  • Lived in Germany
  • Lived in the South
  • Rode on European trains
  • Rode on a Space-A Aircraft
  • Saw the Pyramids in Cairo
  • Visited Rome
  • Visited Athens
  • Visited Turkey
  • Visited Malta
  • Visited the Czech Republic
  • Visited Austria
  • Visited Spain
  • Went to a German Fest
  • Had German teachers
  • Saw the Mediterranean¬†Sea
  • Have been to 4 continents
  • Have made friends with children from different states
  • Learned a small amount of German
  • Got to meet St. Nicholas
  • Stayed in a German hospital
  • Sat in a tank
  • Eaten dinner in the DEFAC
  • Been to a base chapel
  • Said the pledge before a movie
  • Enjoyed German Ice cream

Beyond what they have been able to do, they have also been able to be apart of something amazing. To know that their Dad sacrified for their country. To know that he was apart of something overseas. It’s a great feeling to be apart of the Military community!

I am sure there is even more I can add to this list. When I start to feel sad or bad that Daddy has been gone too much over the years I try to think about this list and everything we have seen and done all because their Daddy joined the Army.

What have your kids experienced because of being in a Military family?

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  1. Julie, great list of perks! Our kids have grown up military BRATs and have experienced both the perks and the challenges. Honestly, it has helped them to learn what to value in life. Thanks for sharing
    the positive side of military life with others. : ) Ruth

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