What If My Children Want to Join the Military?

What If My Children Want to Join the Military?What If My Children Want to Join the Military?

As I look at my military children, I wonder what they will do in the future. Will any of them join the military too? Will they marry someone who does? Will their lives look anything like their own life did growing up?

Over the years I have heard them say that they want to be like Daddy. Does that mean they will follow in his footsteps and become a soldier too? Will growing up in a military family and military community sway them to this life?

Will their child all be born in different states and countries like they were? Will they miss their children for months or even years at a time? Will they too stand by while their spouse goes off to war?

Soldier and son

Will they put on the uniform, deploy to dangerous locations, and work to make this world a better place?

Will they experience living life in a different country, far away from home, with only the latest technology to keep us connected?

Will the spark that drove their Dad to join the military hit them too? What will the word look like in 10-15 years? Will we still be fighting the same wars? Will there be new ones we can’t even imagine? Will we hit a time of peace?

As I think about being the mom of a service member vs a spouse, I hope that my years as a spouse will help me get through any challenges.

Will my son join the military

At the same time, I know being a military parent will be different than being the military spouse. And if my boys are married, she will come first. I know that I won’t have such a front row seat and that could come with its own set of challenges.

I know that if my boys join the military, I will worry more about them than if they didn’t.

At the same time, I know all moms worry, even about their adult children who haven’t lived at home for 20 years. I know what whatever they choose to do in life, whether they join the military or not, they will be setting off on their own paths and making their own adventures.

I know that I would never want to tell my boys not to do something they felt they should because it would worry me too much.

Some people join the military at a very young age, even to forgo college for a career as a soldier or other type of service member. Others feel that calling at a later age, even after years of marriage and children.

What If My Children Want to Join the Military?

Whatever my boys decide, I know walking this life as the Mom will be an honor. That road will not always be an easy one, but it would be filled with challenges and unexpected moments. I know that I would stand by my children just as I have stood by their Father through his time in military service.

Have you ever thought about your own children joining the military?

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