30 Reasons Why You Should Live On Post At Your Next Duty Station

30 Reasons Why You Should Live On Post At Your Next Duty Station

30 Reasons Why You Should Live On Post At Your Next Duty Station

There is always an ongoing debate about whether you should live on post (or base) once you PCS somewhere new. Some say that living on post is the only way. Others like off post living and don’t think twice about it. And others decide based on the duty station and what is available to them.

Here are 30 reasons why you should live on post, but don’t worry if you don’t agree, there are also 30 reasons why you shouldn’t live on post too.

1. It’s super convenient

Let’s face it, living on post is convenient.

2. Everything you need is right there

You don’t have to drive as far to get to all the places you need to go on a regular basis. Not that you never want to leave the post, but if you didn’t want to, you wouldn’t have to.

Why you should live on post

3. Your spouse can come home after PT for breakfast

This is the best. For them and for you. They can save money by doing so too.

4. Your spouse can come home for lunch

More family time when they can come home from lunch every day. They might have to deploy sometimes but when they are home, you can see them a lot more when you live on post.

5. Very little commute time

Instead of having to drive for a while to get to work, they might be able to get there in just five minutes and in some cases, ride a bike or walk.

6. Playgrounds, everywhere

If you have kids you know how exciting it is to live near a playground. If you are on post you will not be short on those.

7. Someone to call when something breaks

If something breaks, call maintenance.

8. You will feel safer, most likely

A lot of people feel safer on post.

9. More sense of a military community

If you are looking for military community, living on post will be the way to find it. You will be surrounded.

10. All your neighbors get the military life

Because everyone is in the military, your neighbors will totally get this life.

11. Lawn care

Living on post means you won’t have to do as much lawn care as you would otherwise.

Why you should live on post

12. Kids go to school with other military kids

Your kids will probably go to school on post and all of their classmates will have a parent in the military too.

13. Easier to be involved in the military community

If you want to get involved in the military community, it is easier to do so when you are right there in the middle of it.

14. Don’t need a 2nd car, usually

Because a lot of what you need on the post is relatively close, you might not need a 2nd car. You can walk where you need to go.

15. Cheaper

In the end, you are most likely going to save money by living on post. If you are on a tight budget, that is really going to help you.

16. Can get more house

Depending on your family size and where you are stationed, living on post can get you a bigger house.

17. More kids for your kids to play with

If you need kids for your own children to play with, living on post will make that happen.

18. There is some nice military housing out there

Have you seen some of the new housing out there? Some of it is pretty awesome.

19. You have dogs

Sometimes people don’t want to rent homes to people with dogs. Going on post can help with that.

20. Easier to find a place to live

It can be easier to find a place to live when you decide to live on post. Not as many hoops to jump through.

21. The pools

Not every off post neighborhood is near a pool. If your post has a pool, they will be a lot easier to get to.

22. Commissary is doable on a regular basis

One of the hardest parts of getting to the Commissary for those living off post is the distance. If you are on, no problem. You might even be able to walk.

23. Can run to the PX really quick

Need something from the PX really fast? Go ahead, it’s just right there.

Living On Base

24. CDC is close

I love hourly care and when the CDC was right in our neighborhood, that made dropping my kids off there so much easier.

25. Retreat and Reveille

This military tradition is a good one. Hearing it from your own house will make you proud.

26. You learn more about the military

Living on post will teach you a lot about the military, about what life is like there and how things go.

27. Closer to the base hospital

If you need the hospital, you are right there. Especially important if you are going to have a baby.

28. Can volunteer easier

Let’s face it, it is a lot easier to be an FRG leader when you live on post.

29. Kid’s sports

There are usually a lot of sports for kids to play on post. Living close by will make that easier for you.

30. Because doing so will allow you to find out if living on base is for you.

If you don’t like it, don’t do it again but now you know.

Do you like living on post?

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