30 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Live On Post At Your Next Duty Station

30 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Live On Post At Your Next Duty Station

30 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Live On Post At Your Next Duty Station

There are so many decisions to make about moving. When you go to your next duty station, one of the most important questions you will have is whether to live on post or off. What is the better choice?

Here are 30 reasons why you shouldn’t live on post at your next duty station. But know, there are also 30 reasons why you should living on post so make sure to weigh the pros and cons of both.

1. All military, all the time

If you live on post, your lives will be all military, all the time. Your spouse will be very close to work, and you might not get a break from the military like you would if you lived off post.

2. Small yards or none at all

Some on post housing have tiny yards. Some have none at all. This is not ideal for small kids or dogs who want to run.

3. Waiting lists

You might have to wait to get on post. That means renting for a while and then moving once there is an opening. This might not be worth it and could be best just to find a nice place off post.

4. Maintenance takes forever to fix something

You call them, and yet they can’t get to you for a while. Frustrating.

Should you live on post?5. Takes all your BAH, even if that doesn’t seem worth it

In some places, you will give all of your BAH and not feel like you are getting the best use out of it. Time to look off post instead.

6. Have to share a wall

If you hate sharing a wall, your on post choices could be very limited. A lot of on post housing shares a wall.

7. If you don’t have kids, could be stuck in a small space

If you don’t have children, you might not be able to get more than a two bedroom apartment. This can be frustrating especially if your spouse is higher ranking. If you go off post, you can take your BAH and find something that works much better for your lifestyle.

8. People stealing your things

More people means more things can get stolen. From bikes to strollers, nothing is really safe. It’s a shame you can’t even trust your on post neighbors.

9. Annoying dogs

Every neighborhood has annoying dogs, but with on post living, you are much closer together. This means you are going to hear more from these dogs than you would otherwise.

10. Loud neighbors

If it isn’t the dogs, it could be the neighbors themselves. From parties on a Friday night to screaming matches, if you want quiet, look elsewhere.

11. Getting in trouble for little things

Living on post means following their rules. Rules about this, rules about that. And if you don’t follow them, you could get in trouble.

12. Safety issues

There have been quite a few cases about military housing issues. From putting people in run-down homes to dealing with mold and getting sick.

13. Lack of parking

Not having enough parking can be a pain. You want enough spaces for your friends and both of your vehicles, but that might not be possible.

14. Garden restrictions

If you love to garden, there will be restrictions on your post about what you can do. If you want more freedom, off post is the way to go.

15. Children not being watched

Go to any on post playground, and you are probably going to young children who are not being watched by their parents. Then you become the only adult around that has to be in charge of them. This is old. People, watch your kids if they are too young to be by themselves.

Should you live on post?

16. Illusion of safety

We all feel safer on post but should we? Does feeling this way mean that we leave ourselves open to more issues? Always lock your doors, no matter where you live. And always be aware.

17. Farther away from off-post places

If you work off post, living on post can be a pain. You might want to find a place close to where you like to go.

18. Bad areas in front of post

Let’s face it, the area right outside of a military installation isn’t always the best. From bars to bail bonds, not your idea of a nice family atmosphere.

19. No space

When you are on post, you can feel a bit claustrophobic at times. There will always be people around, which can be difficult to get used to.

20. Want a bigger house

A lot of military housing is on the smaller side. If you want more space, you are going to have to go off post.

21. The drama

The more people around, the bigger the chance for drama. And military housing can bring a lot of it. Stay away from the drama, and you will probably be okay, but that can be hard when you are surrounded by it.

22. Don’t have to leave post

When you live on post, you really don’t have to leave post, but that isn’t always a good thing. Get out there and explore. Even if you do call your military installation home.

23. Rules about home businesses

Have a home business? Make sure you follow the rules and regulations of having one on post.

24. Coming home late at night

If you come home late at night, you could run into issues. For one thing, the gate right by your house could be closed. You will have to drive around the rest of the post to get home.

25. Visitors

If you have people come and visit, they will need to be approved to go in. If they are coming without you, they will need to get a visitor’s pass. A lot of hassle.

26. Pet restrictions

You might have four dogs, but on post housing will not allow that.

Should you live on post?

27. No country living for you

If you want to live out in the country, you probably are not going to find that on post. It’s pretty much city living.

28. The schools

Some people love military schools; others do not. If you are on post, your kids will most likely need to go to those schools so do some research about the local areas to find out what is best.

29. Not involved in the local community

When you live off post, you can get involved in your local community. From the schools to getting out and about in your neighborhood. While you can find good community on post as well, you have to decide where you want to be.

30. Privacy issues

If you are a private family, being off post is going to be a better option for you. You can separate military life from home life a little more and create some space between you and the military post.

Whatever you decide to do, know that you can always change your mind down the road. You can move or even do something different the next place you go.

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