How You Can Prepare For A Summer Baby

How You Can Prepare For A Summer Baby

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How You Can Prepare For A Summer Baby

If you have ever been pregnant over the summer, you know how difficult it can be to get through those hot and humid months not quite feeling like yourself. If your baby is due in the summer, you probably have a lot of planning to go along with trying to stay cool during those months.

Here are a few ways to prepare if you are expecting a summer baby:

1.  Drink your water

You need to be drinking enough water so you stay hydrated during this time. Not only is this good for you as a pregnant woman, but it also helps you prepare for breastfeeding and how you need always to be hydrated when you are feeding your baby in that way.

You don’t want to suffer from dehydration. That can cause you to go into premature labor or cause other issues that you don’t want to be dealing with. Always carry a water bottle around with you and make sure you are drinking enough every day.

2. Stock up on onesies

When your baby comes, the weather is still going to be quite warm if not overly hot. You don’t want your baby to overheat. The best way to do this is to make sure you have a lot of onesies available as well as cotton clothing. That type of clothing is cooler and is perfect for those hot months.

When you are putting your baby to bed, you can still put them in sleepers or swaddle them in blankests, but you want to make sure they are not overheating. While having a baby in the summer means you don’t have to worry about them being too cold, you also don’t want them to get too hot.

3. Make sure your AC works

If you have a working air conditioner, make sure it is in good working order before the baby comes. Have a company come out to double check that it is working the way it should. You want to be able to keep your home at a comfortable level. If you live somewhere that gets very hot and humid, your home might be the only place you can be where you and your new baby will feel comfortable.

If you do not have AC, make sure you have enough working fans for your rooms. A baby who is too hot will have trouble sleeping, and you don’t want that to happen during those early months. It is also not safe for a baby to overheat.

4. Get your breast pump 

You will need to make sure you have all your supplies for baby ready to go, including your breast pump. You can receive a no-cost breast pump through your TRICARE benefit. You will be able to pick the one that will work best for you and your baby and The Breastfeeding Shop will help you do so. They make it easy and you can order from their website, from their amazing app, or even give them a call to do so. You will need to have a prescription from your doctor or allow the Breastfeeding Shop to get that for you.

5. Set up for the new baby

You want to have everything set up for the new baby before they come and you want to do this with summer in mind. What will you be doing each day after the baby is born? Will you be at home or do you plan to go places? Do you have a cool place in your home to breastfeed and use your breast pump?

Think about all of these things as you are getting everything ready. What might be a nice spot in the dead of winter could be too warm for you to sit in the middle of summer. You want to be comfortable and stay cool.

As you are getting ready for your baby, make sure to learn about your TRICARE breast pump benefit and order yours in enough time to be ready for your new family member.

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