The Breastfeeding Shop Has a New App and it is Amazing

The Breastfeeding Shop Has a New App and it is Amazing!

The Breastfeeding Shop Has a New App and it is Amazing

This is a sponsored post by the Breastfeeding Shop. 

Technology is amazing! There seems to be an app for everything. As of last week, there is now an app made by the Breastfeeding Shop just for moms and those who want to take advantage of the no-cost breast pump you can get with TRICARE.

The Breastfeeding Shop


On the home screen of the app, you see what your options are. The layout makes it easy to find what you need, whether you want to track your baby’s feeding patterns or order your breast pump.

Here is everything you can do on the Breastfeeding Shop app:

Order Forms: You have access to the order forms you need to receive your no-cost breast pump or accessory kit right on the app. This will also give you more information on calling to place your order if that is what you want to do.

The Breastfeeding Shop

Rx Form: You can download or email the RX form to your provider so that they can fill the form out for you. Then you or your provider can upload it or fax it to the Breastfeeding Shop.

The Breastfeeding Shop

Flange Sizing Chart: You can easily download this chart to help you figure out what size flange you might need.

The Breastfeeding Shop

Record your baby’s sound: Here you can record your baby’s sound with the recorder.

Pump production log: This part of the app is super handy. You can log your pumping time as well as which side you used and how many ounces you produced. You can then go back to your saved logs to see what you have been doing.

The Breastfeeding Shop

Feeding tracker: This is handy as well. You can log when your baby sleeps and eats whether you are breastfeeding in addition to pumping or only giving breast milk in a bottle.

Find a lactation consultant: This handy tool will help you pull up a lactation consultant in your area in case you are looking for one.

As you can see the Breastfeeding Shop’s app has a lot to offer new moms and makes ordering your breast pump even easier. You can find the free app in the iTunes as well as Google Play stores.

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