7 Must Have Baby Products For Your New Baby

7 Must Have Baby Products For Your New Baby

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7 Must Have Baby Products For Your New Baby

Getting ready for a new baby is always a whole lot of fun and with a new baby comes new baby products. Some you need, some you don’t.

When you go to register for your baby shower, you can become quite overwhelmed by everything that is out there. What kind of stroller should you get? Which type of crib? Do you even need to buy a swing? There are so many options!

And while it is true you don’t need everything, even if everyone else on the block has it, there are some baby products that are a must, and that you don’t want to live without.

Here is my list of 7 must have baby products for your new baby:


All babies need a place to sleep. For me, I loved having them in my room with me at first so they started off in a co-sleeper and eventually moved to a crib months later. Having this by my bed was good for me and for them. I also liked having a safe place for them to go when I needed to take a shower or put them down so I could get things done. One of our co-sleepers turned into a Pack N Play which was also very handy once they were a little older.


While we didn’t use a crib right away, having one was a must. As they got older, I knew they would be safe there and would be able to sleep. Cribs come in all types of styles and designs so you should be able to find one you love. Having a crib that turned into a toddler bed is also a good idea because that means when they do hit the age where they can climb out, you can turn the crib into a toddler bed and not have to buy anything else for a few more years.

Auto-ship diapers

This was something we only had with my youngest son but having diapers come to your house on a regular basis is a must. No more running out at night to grab a pack, or always making sure you add them to your shopping list. My Diaper Shop is a good place to set that up and make things a little easier even before baby comes. With this service, you can choose from two different brands of diapers, Comfees, and Cuties, and set things up to deliver to your home as often as you need them.

7 Must Have Baby Products For Your New Baby

Breast Pump

Having a good working breast pump for your new baby is a must. If you have TRICARE you are able to receive one no-cost breast pump per birth event. You can do this through The Breastfeeding Shop. They offer a great selection of pumps and you can easily order yours right from their website or app.


A stroller was must for me so that I could go on walks, have a place for them to be during appointments or even playdates for my older children. A double stroller saved my life during those early years as my older two boys are just about two years apart. Find one that fits your needs and has good ratings and talk to your friends about what they have used and loved.

7 Must Have Baby Products For Your New Baby

Baby carrier

Finding a good baby carrier is also a must. There are many different types of slings or other babywearing items. You might want to buy a couple of different types for different reasons. Try a few out, and see what works for you and your lifestyle. Some people babywear all the time, others only when they go out. I know when my youngest was born and I had a 4 and 6-year-old, my baby carrier was a must that allowed me to have two free hands when I had to take all three of them to the store.


Although I didn’t use the swing for very long, having one helped so much in those early months. I used a few different swings and my favorite was the one that had many different options for the type of movement they would create for the baby. Often times I could use the swing to put them down for a nap or to calm them down when nothing else worked.

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