Writing Handwritten Letters To Your Spouse Overseas


Writing Handwritten Letters To Your Spouse OverseasI left for college in 1997 and email was very new.  My dad hooked us up with Prodigy and then AOL when I was in high school but it wasn’t until I started college that most of my friends had email too.  For the first few years, we still wrote handwritten letters to each other.  I loved that and I miss it these days.  I had this box filled with stationary.  I loved getting it out  and writing my friends letters.  Updating them on my life, seeing how things were going.

By the time, I graduated college email was more the norm and now it is just what everyone does.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love how easy it is to keep in touch with people.  For my best friends, it doesn’t matter and we would keep in touch no matter what.  But for everyone else, I think places like Facebook are just awesome.  But I do miss those handwritten letters.

Ideally, each deployment would be filled with handwritten love letters between my husband and I but it just didn’t happen that way with us this last deployment.   Communication was actually a big issue between us and one I hope we can work out before he has to leave again. There is something special about getting a letter in the mail written in his handwriting knowing he touched the same paper I was reading. There is something magical about it all.

I do have to be thankful, though.  Back when my Grandparents were going through WW2 all they had were handwritten notes.  No chatting on Skype for them.  No phone calls and no emails. They also didn’t even know when my Grandpa would be home. Can you imagine? What a different time we live in.

Writing Handwritten Letters To Your Spouse Overseas

Do you write a lot of handwritten letters during deployment or do you depend more on email/Skype?  Do you write hand written letters to friends?

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  2. I miss the handwritten letter so much that I made a goal for myself to write snail mail letters to 8 different people this month. (I'm doing 12 monthly resolutions instead of a couple year-long ones.) I'm hoping that it will catch on with a couple of those people and we can get some of that letter writing back.

    We haven't done a deployment in awhile but I think we'll do a lot of handwritten letters when we do. We always did before, even when we had e-mail access. 🙂

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