Photography Around A German Village

Photography Around A German Village


It’s been 5 years since we moved back to the states but I have so many photos from my time in Germany that I really haven’t blogged about. Germany is where I got back into my photography. When we were in Germany we lived in Schweinfurt for about 2.5 years and a little village outside of Grafenwoher for almost 2 years. Erbendorf was a small village about 20 minutes from post. We lived in Government leased housing which means we our out in the “economy” but lived in Military housing. We didn’t have a gate around us and lived in a neighborhood with about 70 other American families. There were also a few German families that lived there too.

We could go out for a walk and within 5 minutes would be in a German village. It was nice because we really got a good sense of what living in Germany was like. But we also had access to the Army post where we would go to shop for American foods and products, got our mail, went to church and where of course my husband worked.

Sometimes I would get frustrated being there but it really was a lovely place. I went on so many walks and photo walks. These photos are from January/February 2009. We had a lot of snow!


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Have you ever lived in Germany or Europe? What part???





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