What To Do When The Deployment Days Don’t Want To Move

What To Do When The Deployment Days Don’t Want To Move

Anyone who has gone through a deployment knows that some parts of the deployment move faster than others. In fact, the first few weeks and the last few weeks are the longest. Or they feel like it anyway.

Some parts of your deployment are going to fly. You will get into a good routine, you have filled up your calendar and then boom, the days come to a halt. Time slows down, and it seems like the deployment will never be over.

If you have hit that deployment wall, when the days don’t want to move, here are a few things to do to help get things moving again:

Deployment days

Redo your schedule

Take a look at your daily schedule. Where can it be tweak? How can you add something new? Changing things up can help the days get moving again. See what you can change to make life more exciting during the deployment and to improve your daily routine.

Look for new friends

It never hurts to make new friends. Go somewhere new to meet more people. Go to that meeting that has always looked interesting to you. Start taking your kids to the local park. See what you can do that will put you in touch with other people. Making friends isn’t always easy but the more people you are around, the easier making friends will be.

Deployment days

Plan a trip

Can you go on a trip somewhere? What about a weekend back home? Can you plan a trip for the next month? If you can’t go anywhere right now, can you plan a trip for after the deployment? Planning a trip takes time and energy and might be just what you need to get time moving again.

Go on a long walk

Sometimes getting out in nature for a while can help you put things in perspective. If you have places to walk near your home, head on out and move your feet. If you don’t, find out about trails and parks in your city or even at your duty station. If you have small children, you can take them in the stroller. If you have older children, turn it into a nature walk.

Listen to more music

Music is good for your soul. Make a playlist. Add your favorite songs. Look for new songs to add. Whenever you are feeling like time isn’t moving, put on your music. Start dancing or exercise with the music on. Music will make you feel better.

Start a new project

When you feel like the deployment will never end, it could be time to work on that project you have always wanted to complete. Focusing on something else will help get things moving again. Need some ideas? How about repainting a room, getting all the pictures off your phone and onto your walls, or decluttering your garage?


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Countdown to the little things

Is your baby turning one soon? Are you excited about a new book release? Can’t wait for This Is Us to be back this fall? Make countdowns for little things in your life that you can celebrate. This can be a fun way to countdown during a deployment without counting down the actual days. Celebrate the fun things in your life, and that can make everything you are going through easier to deal with.

Look how far you have come

In the end, look how far you have come. You can do this whole deployment thing, even if it seems like time is at a stand still. You have already gone through so many days, and you can do a bit more. Looking back on how many days you have already gone through can remind you that you are getting through this deployment, even if it is one day at a time.

What do you do during a deployment when it feels like time is at a stand still?

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