Can You Really Get A No Cost Breast Pump For Each Baby Through TRICARE?

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Can You Really Get A No Cost Breast Pump For Each Baby Through TRICARE?

Are you pregnant or have you just had a baby? Did you know that you can receive a no cost breast pump through TRICARE? This is a fantastic benefit that we military spouses qualify for if we have a baby, either by birth or adoption. This applies for any of the TRICARE benefits and any status the service member might have to include Reserves and the Guard.

Not only that but you qualify for a new pump for each baby that you have. This is a plus as having a new pump can be a good idea, even if you have already used one in the past. TRICARE pays for one pump per one birth event.

Why would you want a new breast pump for each baby? Here are a few reasons:

Technology Changes

Times change and technology gets updated. Even in just a couple of years. If you haven’t had a baby in a while, you will find that there are many new products out on the market that they didn’t have before. Even between my two oldest boys, there were some changes, and they are just over two years apart. Like anything else, breast pumps can be approved upon. There could be new ones put out on the market in between the time you had your baby, and you get pregnant with your next one.

Lifestyle Changes

Another reason for getting a pump for each baby is because your circumstances can change as well as your needs. You probably picked out your first pump based on what you needed at the time. If you were a working mom, you would need something a bit more portable. If you were a SAHM, you looked for a pump that worked for your schedule.

Some moms either quit their jobs to stay home with a second or third baby or start working after time at home. This can change their pumping needs and why being able to get a new pump is a good thing. They can find exactly what will work for them and that baby, not having to rely on a pump that works for a different type of lifestyle.

You Didn’t Like Your Old One

You might not have been a fan of your last pump. The pump you had didn’t work as well as you thought it might. With the ability to get another pump for your next baby, you won’t have to stick with a pump that doesn’t make you happy, and you can find something different this time around.

How To Get Your No Cost Breast Pump

Getting your breast pump is an easy process by going through a company like the Breastfeeding Shop. They have a variety of breast pumps so you can find one that suits your needs. They make it easy to turn in your paperwork and will even contact your doctor directly for you.

If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby, make sure you do receive your no cost breast pump. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing benefit.

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