When Deployments Don’t Get Any Easier

When Deployments Don’t Get Any Easier

When Deployments Don't Get Any Easier


I couldn’t believe he was leaving again. Just two weeks before we had thought that he wasn’t going to go. Now he was and it was time to say goodbye…read more. 

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  1. They don’t get easier for me either. In fact this next one is already on a negative path and he isn’t even gone. Or knows when. It’s our first as a married couple. We had just settled down. It was a shock one and it’s not doing our marriage any good right now. Not to mention finding out during a 6 week trip to Ireland. With his CRAZY hours in Command and our time difference – we have spoken 3 times in 5 weeks while trying to plan the logistics of a transatlantic move ( a move I had JUST done). It’s rough and it will get rougher. I am really struggling this time to get my head around the positives. I can’t find any!

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