The Easy Way To Order Your No Cost Breast Pump

The Easy Way To Order Your No Cost Breast Pump

If you don’t already know, you can receive a no cost breast pump through your TRICARE benefit. Any military woman service member or spouse can receive one for each birth event she has. This is a fantastic benefit that makes sure that all of these moms have access to a breast pump to help them with feeding their baby.

The Easy Way To Order Your No Cost Breast Pump

This is a sponsored post by The Breastfeeding Shop!

The Breastfeeding Shop is a company that you can work with to receive your breast pump, and they make ordering your breast pump super easy. They have a new order form and I wanted to walk you through the steps you have to take in order to place your order.

You can do so on their website or on the app. If you don’t want to fill out the order form you can also call them to place your order.

Here is a video of me filling out the order form. As you can see all the information is laid out well and I was able to complete the form in about five minutes.

Here is what you will be asked about:

1. Insurance provider

Find TRICARE or TRICARE Overseas.

2. Select your breast pump

You have a lot of options on what breast pump to pick. Make sure to read Which Breast Pump Is Best For You? You can also talk to friends about breast pumps they have used and loved. If you don’t see what you want, pick “other” and call 866-255-6779.

3. Name, phone number, email, and address

Please put your current information here.

4. Your birthday

They want to know your date of birth.

5. Due Date of your baby

This is your baby’s due date. If your baby is already born, make sure to put their birth date there.

6. Insurance number

This would be your service member’s social security number, or your own if you are the service member.

7. Seconardy insurance

If you happen to have secondary insurance.

8. Physician’s name

Your doctor’s name.

9. Physician’s phone number

Your doctor’s phone number.

10. How you will submit your prescription

There are a few different ways you can submit your prescription to The Breastfeeding Shop. You can upload it, email it, fax it, or have them contact the doctor for you. If you choose for them to do that, know that it will take longer for you to receive your breast pump.

11. Important info

You will check if you agree here.

12. Privacy notice, etc

You just need to acknowledge that you have received this information.

13. Signature

You can use your mouse or your finger to sign.


If you need to leave any comments.

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