Prayers During a Deployment

Prayers During a Deployment

    Prayers During a Deployment Prayer has always been a part of my life.  When my husband is deployed I pray for him.  I also know he is on about 5-6 different military prayer lists at different churches around the country.  I know his family is praying for him.  I know his friends are too. But this is where I am stuck.  Will praying keep him safe?  I pray all the time he is safe. But the reality is people who have prayed for their husbands (or wives, sons, daughters, etc) have lost them 🙁   It’s hard because I …

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And at the end of it all…Homecoming!

Military Homecoming

One thing I try to keep in mind is that at the end of the deployment, we get to experience something wonderful…homecoming. After all the long nights, computer conversations, emotional breakdowns, tears and lonely nights…it is finally over.  You wake up with a smile on your face thinking, “Is today really the day?” And it is. You get ready as soon as you can only to have hours to sit and wait for the final phone call. And finally, you get it. Someone on the other end of the line tells you those magical words, “Your soldier will be arriving …

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When You Have To Fill The Role Of Mom And Dad

When You Have To Fill The Role Of Mom And Dad

One reality of being a military wife is that for periods of time I have to be both mom and dad.  I have to do it all.  And that can be really really hard.  I have had to make a lot of decisions that other couples might make together.  And then I get to tell daddy after the fact. This is because of schedules and what he has been doing while overseas. While I could talk with him it was hard to ask him about what I should do when it came to the kids. It was easier to just …

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When He is Away

Military Deployment

  When he is away, I have fewer clothes to clean.  I have less food to make.  Less food to buy.  I can do whatever I choose to do and don’t have to run it by another adult. When he is away I can watch what I want to watch on the tv.  I can eat all the ice cream myself and don’t have to fill up the gas tank as often. When he is away, I miss my best friend.  I miss sharing a meal.  I miss seeing him drink his nasty beer.  I miss asking another adult his …

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Space-A Part 3 The Return Trip

my experience flying Space-A

  I have posted about my Space-A trip that I took last summer.  Space-A part 1 and Space-A part 2.  But I haven’t posted about the return trip.  Since it is almost summer again I figured I better post it before I forget too much 🙂   After spending a wonderful summer in California it was time to head back to Germany.  Instead of trying to get a flight out of Travis AFB which is about 8 hours from where I was, I took a commercial flight to Charleston, SC to meet up with my friend who was heading back …

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Writing Handwritten Letters To Your Spouse Overseas

Writing Handwritten Letters To Your Spouse Overseas

  I left for college in 1997 and email was very new.  My dad hooked us up with Prodigy and then AOL when I was in high school but it wasn’t until I started college that most of my friends had email too.  For the first few years, we still wrote handwritten letters to each other.  I loved that and I miss it these days.  I had this box filled with stationary.  I loved getting it out  and writing my friends letters.  Updating them on my life, seeing how things were going. By the time, I graduated college email was …

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Getting Through A Deployment

Getting Through Your Deployment

Getting Through A Deployment I have gotten a few emails recently about how to get through a deployment.  So I figured I would do a blog post about it. When I finally know when my husband is going to deploy, I start making some plans on how to deal with what is going to happen and get through it.  I make lists.  Lists of things I can do for fun.  Lists of things I want to accomplish.  Lists of places I want to go. The lists never seem to end but they are helpful in keeping focused on getting through a …

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When the worst happens :(

I was heartbroken to hear about a fellow military wife blogger who lost her husband in Afghanistan 🙁 There are no words we can say to comfort her.  There is nothing we can do it take away the pain.  It is our biggest fear as a military wife 🙁  We feel pain deeply for the families who have lost someone because it is something we all have to think about. In 2007 my husband got extended in Iraq.  From 9 months to 12 months to 15 months.  THAT was hard.  But what made it worse was how many men …

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A Good Season After Deployment

I have been thinking a lot about last November compared with this one. It was such a sad month for us. My husband deployed Thanksgiving day. He deployed about 365 days after he returned from his 15 month deployment. I just remember thinking that a whole year was such a long time. How would I make it through another deployment? But now here we are. The deployment is over, finished, no more. We are getting ready for block leave and after that we will head to Ft. Campbell. So many fun things coming up! I am not sure how we …

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