A Good Season After Deployment

I have been thinking a lot about last November compared with this one. It was such a sad month for us. My husband deployed Thanksgiving day. He deployed about 365 days after he returned from his 15 month deployment. I just remember thinking that a whole year was such a long time. How would I make it through another deployment? But now here we are. The deployment is over, finished, no more. We are getting ready for block leave and after that we will head to Ft. Campbell. So many fun things coming up! I am not sure how we …

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It’s really over!

military homecoming

So for the past 24 hours or so I have to remind myself that the deployment is really over.  He isn’t going to have to hop back on a plane in 2 weeks.  He is done.  And maybe if we are lucky we will get more than a year home with him this time.  It is a hard transition to go from single mom/waiting wife to a co-parent/there wife.  But we have made it before and will make it again…:)

He is Home!!!

Well after 11 months and 5 days my soldier is home from his 2nd deployment! Wow what a day it has been. I am so glad it is over so glad. The boys are so happy! My 5-year-old was super excited and went right to him. My 2-year-old was very very confused at first but by bedtime he was into daddy again.

Another Military Homecoming

military homecoming

As I am getting ready for Homecoming 2009 I can’t help but think back to Homecoming 2007.  It was a 15-month deployment and it was 11 months between R&R; and Homecoming.  This time seems so different since I just saw him in August.  The whole Homecoming thing is really cool…once you get that phone call of where you need to be. All the waiting until the Military homecoming just plain old sucks.  But it is worth it. You get to the gym (or wherever you are supposed to be) and you wait.  You wait.  And you wait some more. And …

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